Logo-plus-EVI-vertical-CMYKI’m thrilled to be teaching an Estill Voice Training Level One: Figures for Voice Control™ course this October in Milton Keynes at the Arts1 Centre for Voice Training. Founded by JAMES GRIMSEY, the Arts1 Centre for Voice Training looks set to be a hub for Estill Voice Training and all things voice. It’s great to be part of it.

The Level One course runs from 21-23 October 2015. I will be teaching the course, assisted by James. Estill Voice Training Level One course equips you with the tools to develop complete vocal freedom, sing in a wider range, with more clarity and power than you have before. Speak with the confidence and tone you want and communicate to your audience with ease. Learn how the voice works and train your voice over three days to develop your instrument.

To book on the course visit http://www.voicetrainingcentre.com/#!estill-level-1/c1dsp.