Oliver! – EdinBraw, Theatre-News.com and Radio Summarhall Reviews

Matthew Reeve’s musical direction and Christie Gowan’s choreography both contributed to make this production, which of course includes all the classic songs like ‘Food Glorious Food’, ‘Consider Yourself’, ‘Oom-Pah-Pah’ or ‘Who Will Buy’ an entertaining experience for young and old. All the cast (of which I simply cannot mentioned every single one by name) should be applauded for their hard work!

Claudia A, 22 July 2016, Theatre-News.com


The bleak and sombre staging creates a depressing atmosphere, the mood lifts when we reach the chorus of Food Glorious Food, an optimistic and charming song performed incredibly well by the large cast.

22 July 2016, EdinBraw

Review: Oliver – Edinburgh Playhouse

It was great to see the live band in the pit smiling as they performed… But what of the performers that tread this very stage? I will have to say, that without a doubt Taylor Torkington who plays Oliver himself, is probably one of the best singers I’ve ever heard in my life! His singing is so good and clear, that it almost has an otherworldly quality to it! And his acting of Oliver was also very earnest, which certainly suits the characters’ nature. Ellie Campbell who plays the deluded Nancy is also a fine singer and her rendition of “As Long As He Needs Me”, is certainly one of the highlights of the show. Let us not forget the sterling performance of Aaron Kavanagh as wily old Fagin, who manages to steal every scene that he’s in. And although he’s playing something of a mischievous trickster, he does imbue it with a great deal of humanity as well.

Markus Helbig, 23 July 2016, Radio Summerhall

Oliver! Edinburgh Playhouse


Fame The Musical – Total MK Review

Fame the Musical is their fifth Stage Experience production and, once again, they have demonstrated how much oodles of hard work and an eager group of youngsters can achieve. All with just twelve days of rehearsals! Director Robert Marsden, musical director Matthew Reeve, choreographer Laura-Ann Smith and project managers Rachael Hutchinson and Matthew Bowden are just as deserving of the impressive standing ovation the audience gave at the end of last night’s performance as the singing and dancing participants onstage. Careful casting, clever choreography and painstaking planning has ensured that every youngster appearing in this spectacular youth production has their moment in the spotlight.

Georgina Butler, 6 August 2016, Total MK



The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged) – Pastiebap, The Big List, Alan In Belfast and Culture Hub Reviews

It goes without saying that if you’re at a Bruiser production you’re in for one hell of a show, and this one was no different. From the well-known plays of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth to the lesser known Titus Andronicus and Troilus and Cressida, this is Shakespeare but not as you know it. Over the course of the evening we learn more about the Bard (through songs, raps, interpretive dance and even a cooking show) than you ever learned in school, and underneath the tears of laughter and literal hysterics that the audience are in you do find yourself gaining a newfound appreciation for oul Willy’s plays.

Laura Caldwell, 16 September 2016, PastieBap

Theatre Review: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) – Bruiser Theatre Company

As with Bruiser’s successful adaptation of The 39 Steps, it’s a simple, joyous celebration and reconstruction of great literary work.

Simon Fallaha, 26 September 2016, The Big List


The Complete Works succeeds in borrowing distilling ideas from across the cultural panoply with the men in tights performing gangsta rap, picking up puppets and dropping into song and Ulster Scots when it suits. It’s laugh out loud funny throughout. And like Cabaret, the cast pick up instruments to accompany their show.

Alan Meban, 15 September 2016, Alan In Belfast


Complete Works is a certain delirious night at The MAC that concluded with a thunderous ovation and a breathless cast and audience alike. It is a miracle of a show.

James-Alexander Johnson, 15 September 2016, Culture Hub

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) | Review


Sleeping Beauty – The Enquirer Review

If you want laugh-out-loud moments, fantastic all-singing, all-dancing numbers and a cast who really put other panto performers in the shade – Sleeping Beauty at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon is a MUST-SEE! … There may be silly humour throughout but it’s the toe-tapping dance numbers, which had the audience singing along, such as a Schools Out Medley (Brick In The Wall/Hit Me Baby One More Time/Schools Out For Summer) which certainly scored top marks in the energetic School Room scene. Tender moments too really encapsulated the fairytale love story including solos sung by Zac Hamilton and Aimee Barrett which were note perfect and full of emotion, including a fantastic rendition of James Arthur’s hit number one single Say You Won’t Let Go.

Charlotte Civil, The Enquirer, 15 December 2016

Events: Panto Review – Sleeping Beauty at Basildon’s Towngate Theatre

Sleeping Beauty – Essex Live Review

It had everything you wanted from a panto, the kids loved the interaction with the characters, the adults loved the gags (well some of them), and there was plenty of good singing and dancing… And the music and script is also very modern and packed full of the local references that the audience really appreciated.

Simon Murfitt, Essex Live, 11 December 2016


Sleeping Beauty – The Stage Reivew

This is Simon Fielding’s 10th pantomime for the Towngate and it seems that the years of work are paying off. Sleeping Beauty is running for more performances than last year’s Jack and the Beanstalk and Fielding’s tried and trusted recipe shows no visible signs of waning. The main ingredient being a good script, that’s funny, relevant and integrates familiar routines rather than simply linking them.

Paul Vale, The Stage, 14 December 2016