I spent a couple of hours today working with three graduating students at Arts1 School of Performance in Milton Keynes with my Estill hat on, as part of my work as a Certified Course Instructor with Advanced Testing Privileges for Estill Voice International.

Arts1 is an independent theatre school, providing full-time post-16 training alongside a wide range of professional part-time performing arts classes and workshops for young people and adults. Founded in 2006 our aim is to inspire young people and adults to achieve their potential in performance through learning from our excellent teachers and industry mentors.

The students have been been studying on Arts1 post-16 Musical Theatre course and as part of this have been working towards obtaining their Estill Certificate of Figure Proficiency. They have been working with JAMES GRIMSEY, Creative Director of Arts1, and PIERINA PENNY, resident voice teacher getting ready for the exam. During today’s session, I spent a couple of hours with Pierina and the students going through the protocol for the tests and we did some practice with the VoicePrint software.

Voiceprint™ is a real-time spectral analysis program that can record, analyse, and play back the voice. Visualisations include spectrogram and power spectrum analyses. Voiceprint™ provides spectacular and meaningful feedback about pitch and voice quality, helping to enhance the learning and rehabilitation process.

I begin the examination process with the three students at the end of the week. Good luck to them all!!!