After numerous trips to Norway for script development and workshops, last week we had a music workshop where the cast got to sing the music from the show for the first time. The workshop was held in Halden, Norway where the show will premier in August.

Den Hvite Dame is a family musical being performed in Norway’s top tourist attraction during August, Fredriksten Festning. It’s based on the legend of The White Lady (Den Hvite Dame), the ghost that reportedly haunts the grounds of the fortress.

I started working on the project last year as musical supervisor with composer Aasmund Kaldestad, writer Hanne Hagerup and director Tomas Glans. The musical is being produced by Marita Rognøy.

My work has involved working on the conception of the musical, developing the musical material with Aasmund and providing the orchestrations and additional music. I am also thrilled to have Jonny Martin on board as Associate Musical Director. Jonny will be opening the show in August.

A few weeks ago we recorded a ‘radio version’ of one the songs with the White Lady herself, Nina Hammarklev. The song has recently been released for promotion in Norway.

We have also done the recordings for an EP to be released next month featuring six of the songs from the show.