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Backed by Sondheim’s enchanting score (orchestrated to pin-precision by Matthew Reeve), the music is another key character. Under Peter Corry’s canny direction and with Louise Ferrier’s choreography, Sondheim’s masterpiece also has the right amount of pathos, energy and subtlety to affect everyone who sees it.

Barry Gordon, 3 August 2015, Edinburgh News

There are excellent performances all round from the soloists, but Corry and his musical director Matthew Reeve have found some real future stars for the biggest roles. … A big, although sometimes overheavy, production which more than gets to grips with big piece of musical theatre, not least in its rendition of a score which is often as complex as the plot.

Thom Dibdin, 2 August 2015, All Edinburgh Theatre

The overall production quality of the show is so high is a tribute to all the performers and the production team. These include (amongst others) Adam Knight (Producer and also Edinburgh Playhouse General Manager), Peter Corry (Director), Matthew Reeve (Musical Director) and Louise Ferrier (Choreographer).

Tom King, 31 Friday 2015, Scottish Advertiser

Into The Woods

Not long now until rehearsals start for Into The Woods at Edinburgh Playhouse. I’ve been up to Edinburgh a few times now to do some preliminary rehearsals with the principal cast. There’s lots to do. I’m currently reworking the original orchestrations by JONATHAN TUNICK for the live orchestra and working with director PETER CORRY on how to adapt the piece for the huge Stage Experience cast.

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Into The Woods at Edinburgh Playhouse

I just spent an exciting weekend in Edinburgh auditioning the cast for Into The Woods later this year for which I’m musical director. The production is at the Edinburgh Playhouse and is part of ATG’s Creative Learning programme. The Sondheim musical will be directed by PETER CORRY. Tickets are already available on the ATG website.