The Break – London Showcase

38ff80_dad2621ea4044f9d9d1b6fcd1e8881de.jpg_srz_p_311_304_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThe Break musical had it’s first London showing Upstairs at the Arts Theatre this month. The Break is written by DREW DILLON. It was selected to be showcased as part of Shrapnel Theatre’s New Musical Night. The cast included DEREK AIDOO, LUCYELLE CLIFFE, DAVID MARKEN, KATHRYN RUTHERFORD and also ADAM DOUGAL who reprised his role of Ben from the original PickNMix Festival at The MAC, Belfast in 2013.
Set in modern day Belfast, The Break explores the story of a family unit and their dysfunctions within. With the ring of Duncan Sheik, Jonathan Larson and Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey, The Break is a modern-day pop-rock opera, engrained deeply in the culture and music of Northern Ireland, taking a sharp look at the secrets families hide and the damage they can do to each other. This showcase was directed Shrapnel’s Artistic Director ISLA VAN TRICHT with musical direction from JAMES ROBERT BALL.It was great to see the piece up on it’s feet again and it was well received. I’m looking forward to working with Drew as the musical continues to develop.

The Break – A New Musical

For the past month I’ve been creating new orchestrations for a workshop production of a new Northern Irish musical by DREW DILLON. The musical is called The Break and it premiered at the Pick ‘n’ Mix Festival at the MAC Belfast this weekend. It was exciting to be involved in this project as a producer, MD and orchestrator.

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