Estill Certification

Matthew can offer a flexible programme supporting people wishing to advance their professional development and expertise in Estill Voice Training. Certification protocols are governed by the Estill Voice International, LLC and are applied consistently worldwide.

Why do certification with me?

  • He is a leader in teaching the world-renowned Estill Voice Model.
  • He is experienced and successful in taking people through the certification process.
  • He has many years of teaching experience in different vocal genres both speaking and singing and working with professional voice users at the highest professional levels.
  • He is experienced in developing and integrating the Estill Voice Model and its teaching philosophy into curricula and into the wider context of voice pedagogy.
  • He is experienced in using Figures for Voice™ and the six voice qualities to rehabilitate damaged voices and in working alongside speech and language therapists.

What will you gain from working with me?

  • A clear, straight-forward and practical route through to certification.
  • Support, guidance and advice through the whole process.
  • A flexible programme of seminars or workshops, mentoring and examination opportunities.
  • Confidence in using Estill Voice Training at the most advanced levels.

The Certified Master Teacher (CMT) is awarded to someone who has demonstrated the ability to teach Estill Voice Training to individuals and small groups. A CMT is a representative of Estill Voice Training and is able to teach Estill Voice Training in a private studio or classroom. To become a CMT you need to pass an examination set by Estill Voice International.

The Certified Course Instructor (CCI) is a higher level of certification for Estill Voice Training teachers who demonstrate an advanced understanding of the Estill Voice Model and the anatomy, physiology, acoustics and research that are its foundation. You must be a CMT before training to become a CCI.

Separate from the teaching certification, Estill Voice International awards the Certificate of Figure Proficiency (CFP) to anyone who can demonstrate competency in performing Figures for Voice™ and the six voice qualities taught in Level One and Level Two. In 2012 gaining a CFP became a prerequisite for becoming a CMT.