Estill Voice Training

Logo-plus-EVI-vertical-CMYKEstill Voice International leads the way in vocal training and rehabilitation by providing simple tools that enable people to achieve their personal vocal goals. Central to our mission is the balance of vocal health and aesthetic freedom. Estill Voice Training accomplishes this by merging science and art through progressive research, accessible technology and innovative teaching techniques.

  • Do you need more power for your speaking voice?
  • Do you want to sing higher?
  • Do you need to add new dimensions in your acting voice?
  • Do you need to sing in many styles?
  • Do you want to sing or speak free of pain and fatigue?
  • Do you need innovative tools for training and rehabilitating voice?

Estill Voice Training is a comprehensive program for studying and teaching voice that applies to all styles of speaking and singing.

Estill Voice Training merges science and art by integrating the results of current voice research with voice training. It approaches development of vocal expertise as an athletic discipline and separates training into three areas of proficiency: Craft, Artistry and Magic. Estill Voice Training is useful and practical for all voices, abilities and genres. It is free of aesthetic bias, meaning any non-abusive voice quality is accepted and nurtured, embracing cultural and musical diversity.

With focus on craft comes basic physiologic skill that makes problem solving easy and makes efficient use of time. This direct approach produces fast results that are optimized in group learning situations. The techniques used in Estill Voice Training are universal. The Estill Voice International certification process ensures that every teacher and workshop throughout the world provides the highest quality instruction.

Craft is taught in the Level One curriculum through Figures for Voice™. You will be introduced to the scientific knowledge that is the foundation of the Estill Voice Model. Control of 13 vocal structures that influence voice quality will be taught through the simple exercises called Figures for Voice™.

Level Two builds on this voluntary control as participants combine structural options in the recipes for six voice qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera, and Belting. Artistic applications are also explored in this course, Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™.

Additional workshops are offered to introduce the system and its application. These include specialist workshops on belting, musical theater singing, operatic singing, diction, anatomy and pedagogy. Specific tailored courses can be arranged for colleges and institutions to suit your needs and resources.

Please remember that only Certified Course Instructors are licensed to teach Estill Voice Training courses and workshops.

Matthew is a Certified Course Instructor for Estill Voice Training offering the core Level One and Level Two courses, as well as introductory courses and specialist workshops for advanced practitioners. Individualised Certification Pathways can be arranged with those who want a flexible route towards Estill Certification. All courses can be offered publicly and can also be arranged as private courses for institutions and organisations.

This is a one-day workshop providing an overview of Estill Voice Training and an exploration of how voice science can help explain the fundamentals of healthy vocal production. During the workshop we examine the key operating principles of the training system and demonstrate how Estill Voice Training can be integrated into your own work. This workshop is primarily aimed at those who are new to Estill Voice Training or for those who would like a refresher.

Level One is for anyone interested in learning about the voice. This intense course begins with an overview, where we introduce the philosophy and science behind Estill Voice Training and Figures for Voice™ exercises. Presentations are combined with frequent small group practice sessions, supervised by fully-trained interns, where all participants experience creating and applying Figures for Voice™. In addition we run master class sessions where you can apply the exercises to your own performance. We cover how the system relates to different voice fields, from opera to musical theatre, from theatre voice to public speaking, and enable truly versatile vocal performers. As well as teachers and students of performance, this course will be of interest to speech and language therapists with voice clients.

This is a practical course where you experience creating the six voice qualities associated with Estill Voice Training: speech, falsetto, sob, twang, opera and belt. Discussion focuses on how to mix these qualities safely and how to apply them artistically in different genres. Presentations will be combined with small group practice sessions and master classes. As well as teachers and students of performance, this course will also be of interest to speech and language therapists with voice clients. Level Two is only for those who have already completed Level One.

If you are an advanced practitioner Matthew can take you to the next level of Estill Voice Training. You can complete a ‘Certificate of Figure Proficiency’ where you can demonstrate your competency in performing Figures for Voice™. You can then study further to become a ‘Certified Master Teacher’ showing you are able to confidently apply the training system within your own teaching practice and his endorsement.

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