Voice Consultancy

Matthew has taught extensively iBug_CCI_TP_highresn the Further and Higher Education sector and in many professional drama training academies. He has consulted for various performing arts institutions, examination boards and speech and language therapy groups across the United Kingdom providing INSET and curriculum development advice. Matthew is a Certified Course Instructor for Estill Voice International with Service Distinction and Advanced Testing Privileges and has taught courses and presented in the United Kingdom, Europe and United States on voice and singing. He has a special interest in phonetics, vocal function and pedagogy. His students work across the performing industry and have appeared as principals in West End shows.

For ten years Matthew worked with Klaus Møller as Reeve & Møller as a premier provider of Estill Voice Training in Europe. Estill Voice Training is an approach to voice training that merges science and art. In 2005 they created the Reeve & Møller Certification Pathway™ and since then they have successfully trained and tested 23 Certified Master Teachers in Estill Voice Training across Europe. Many of these teachers are now working at top training academies and as leading voice experts. Their approach to Estill Certification is straight-forward and helped those who were interested in becoming Estill teachers complete their training successfully. Klaus Møller and Matthew Reeve continue to run courses and workshops for singers, speakers and speech and language therapists. Get in touch with Matthew if you wish to host Estill courses or tailored voice and musical theatre workshops.

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